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How We Work

Transparency:  We strive at all times to tell our candidates the truth.  China can be your ‘land of opportunity’.  You may arrive in China as a teacher but later find even more rewarding work in China’s ever-expanding business, scientific, technological and other fields.  But  like all countries China has good sides and bad sides.  We’re happy to answer your questions and discuss both the good and the bad during your interview.

Finding the place that’s right for you: Everyday life can  vary significantly depending on the kind of school you work for, and whether you are teaching in a fast-paced mega-city like Beijing or a more relaxed medium sized or smaller city.   All three options will be discussed during your interview. 

Backing you up:   You will be supplied with contact information for one or more of our seasoned foreign teachers or English-speaking colleagues of ours in China.  You can immediately contact them if you face problems or issues of any kind.

LegalityAs a U.S.-based company operating from the U.S. and in China, we strictly abide by U.S. and Chinese law. We partner only with Chinese schools authorized by the government to employ foreign teachers and to secure the work visa for them.

Equal-Opportunity Employer:  All our candidates are treated equally regardless of race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.   

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